Tuesday, June 4, 2019


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The text of the email I received from Kelly Clark, Esq., General Counsel for the Guam Waterworks Authority, is set out below. It's probably safe to say that Clark is at least an occasional member of Tall Tales International Radio Listening Audience! 

Here’s an excerpt from Clark’s addition to the Post article here , “…no one in the media is talking about that. $260 million dollars of infrastructure work to benefit the island isn't news but whether or not I'm going to sue a radio host is. Pathetic priorities in my opinion,’ Clark said.” Clark is in a good position to expound upon pathetic priorities.

"Mr. Klitzkie
It is my understanding you are now in receipt of my personal employee evaluation created by my employer, GWA for the CCU meeting you incessantly rant about on your radio show and in other public places.  The evaluation was released by the CCU over my objection and against the advice of conflict counsel.  Although I have not seen that information, your re-publication of any portion of what I consider my private information is an egregious offense to me.  I am telling you now, that if you speak in public of or otherwise release any of that information, I will sue you.  After having been put on notice of the facts of this matter, you proceed as you have with several of the other employees of GWA and GPA, it will be action on your part that is clearly malicious and intended only to boost the dismal ratings of your blood sport inspired radio show.   

Kelly O Clark"

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